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Hiring managers recruiting at TECHEXPO events do not need to have a security clearance.


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Why Exhibit & Recruit at TECHEXPO?


For over 20 years, TECHEXPO has consistently produced the Nation's most successful hiring events. With over 1,000 events produced since inception in 1993, our team has helped thousands of companies recruit the best and brightest talent along with providing over one million professionals the opportunity to advance their careers.


TECHEXPO Top Secret is the Nation's premiere producer and most trusted name in the business of professional hiring events for job seekers with a security clearance. serves as one of country's leading online career centers where the finest defense contractors, technology companies, consulting firms and numerous agencies of the U.S. Government recruit and hire mid to senior level professionals.


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Benefits of participation:


• Interview face-to-face with hundreds of experienced, pre-screened professionals along side numerous world-class employers in one day. By hiring just one candidate the event pays for itself.

• Save thousands of dollars in recruitment advertising and do a month's worth of interviewing in one day.


• Recruit an unlimited amount of professionals and avoid costly staffing & placement agencies.


• 10 job postings are included with your participation.


• Publicize your company by leveraging TECHEXPO's multi-million dollar promotional campaign and gain additional positive public relations. Your company's name is also included in our massive social mediacampaign.


• Access resumes online before, during and after each hiring event. Utilize our advanced scoring & keyword searchable resume database functionality.


• Your company has permanent access to all of the resumes collected at the event and those that were submitted online by currently employed professionals not able to attend but looking to advance their careers.


• Breakfast, lunch and desserts are all provided throughout the day at NO additional cost for up to 4 of your staff.


• Complimentary internet access is included along with a private interview area for additional privacy if requested.



If your company has more than 15 positions currently open, our team will be pleased to present you with a proposal to produce your own customized hiring event to efficiently and time effectively fill your open jobs. TECHEXPO has produced more customized or boutique open houses for major corporations than all other event and recruitment advertising agencies combined. Our clients include market leaders as IBM, Verizon, Microsoft, AT&T, Boeing, Accenture, Northrop Grumman, L-3 Communications, General Dynamics and numerous others. TECHEXPO has one the most established, high-end corporate images amongst the entire recruitment industry.


Become an Exhibitor by calling 212.655.4505 ext. 225 or by emailing


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